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Blog Grano Hotels - Tricity Inspirations

Listen to the sound of the waves, feel the taste of salt water and the sea breeze in your hair. Take us by the hand and let yourself be led along the atmospheric, cobbled streets in the glow of the sunset. Learn with us the magic of historic Gdańsk and its vicinity, as well as the modern dimension of a large city. Visit us alone, with loved ones, arrange a meeting of friends or colleagues. Make yourself comfortable in this space.


Lockdown, 24 listopada 2020

Uwielbiam podróże służbowe! Choć nie jeździłam w nie często, zawsze z dużą radością oczekiwałam kolejnego wyjazdu. Wszystko z prostego powodu – po pracy, nawet bardzo późno, wciąż jest się w nowym miejscu, być może po raz pierwszy lub po długiej przerwie, a to stwarza okazje do spacerów, poznawania miast w ich naturalnym, nie tylko weekendowym, rytmie. A Ty lubisz delegacje czy traktujesz je wyłącznie, jako zadanie o istotnym znaczeniu dla Ciebie lub Twojej firmy? A może łączysz je także z możliwością odpoczynku i poznawania nowych miejsc i ludzi?

Some ideas for running lovers

Actively in the Tri-City, 9 November 2020

November comes unexpectedly. Over time, we get used to shorter days and brighter mornings. Outside the windows more and more leaves are blown in the wind, fog rises above the meadows, and the vision of a warm blanket and an interesting book creeps into our thoughts. You can wait this moment and rest. You can also roll up your long sleeves and take care of your health, immunity, good condition, as well as cultivate certain habits in order to wake up in a better shape in spring than in the previous year.

Some ideas for cycling enthusiasts

Actively in the Tri-City, 12 October 2020

Yellow and red leaves sway in the trees, chestnuts and acorns fall straight into the narrow streets, and the iodine-rich sea breeze brings a feeling of refreshment on a lazy afternoon. These little signals remind us that the golden Polish autumn has already arrived at the seaside and is slowly trying to make ourselves at home in our heads and hearts. Let's give her a chance!

In the mainstream of history

A family weekend in September, 14 September 2020

After a day full of attractions, the youngest dreamed their childhood dreams. Still in their imagination, they were building from sand, splashing each other with sea water, jumping on stones and imitating the sounds of animals. In the morning, refreshed, with a smile on their faces, they woke up and quietly climbed into their sleepy parents' bed. The beginning of the day belonged to the family. The morning is a great time to tell what each of them liked the most, what impressions they will share with their friends in the kindergarten, and what attractions are waiting for today.

In the rhythm of the sun

Family weekend in September, 31 August 2020

Families I know from different parts of Poland often ask me how to best plan a holiday by the sea and what places are worth seeing in Gdańsk. I cordially invite you to read a short story about a dream weekend at the Baltic Sea, serving as an inspiration that I have prepared for Ola - mother, Krzysztof - father, and Aniela and Adaś for their upcoming holiday.

Author of the Grano Hotels blog Daria Bałdyga

Hi! I am Daria and I want to tell you a few words about myself.

Ever since I was a child, I loved spinning the globe and wandering my finger on the map. That's probably why I became a geographer. I was able to combine my passion with work. For many years I have run and organized themed camps for children and adolescents, playing the role of a pirate captain and exploring the secrets of survival, to become a MICE coordinator today. On weekends, you can meet me as a facilitator of short orienteering marches for families or extreme rallies for adults. I love my border collie Inari madly. I train agility with her and throw Frisbee. Her wet nose motivates me every day to expand my knowledge of the canine world. I like being active and on the move. I run and cycle in the woods, backpacking in the mountains, and wandering off-road. When I close my eyes, I see the northern lands: beautiful, wild landscapes, space and the warmth of candles placed in the windows. I like to wander around old cities and delve into their history. After an active day, I gladly assume the yoga pose of a pigeon or cheer on the developing leaves of my potted flowers. I compulsively collect crayons, felt-tip pens, pens, notebooks, stickers and washi tapes, creating a bullet journal. I love to hide under a blanket with a cup of tea and read. I look longingly for fiction and reportages. From time to time I also write short forms about emotions that accompany us in our lives.

Sit down and make yourself comfortable in this space!


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