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Visit Gdańsk… on business!

I love business trips! Although I didn't go there often, I always waited with great joy for my next trip. Everything for a simple reason - after work, even very late, you are still in a new place, maybe for the first time or after a long break, and this creates opportunities for walks, getting to know cities in their natural, not only weekend, rhythm. Do you like business trips or do you treat them only as a task of significant importance to you or your company? Or maybe you combine them with the opportunity to rest and meet new places and people? If you were instructed to leave and the recent events do not fill you with optimism to pack your bags, you are wondering what you can do to make your time in a new place and reality more attractive, I am here to help. I suggest that you, apart from formal dresses and suits, pack your comfortable shoes and invite you to Gdańsk!


First: security

Due to the new situation for all of us, choose a safe place to stay. If you browse through the offers of various hotels, you will likely be surprised to find that the spread has narrowed significantly. The difference between two-star and four-star facilities has been blurred like never before. When the price doesn't matter anymore, pay attention to the optimal location and amenities, such as open restaurants and swimming pool, and boldly ask questions about how the hotel cares about the safety of its guests. Choose the one that meets your expectations. It is worth taking a look at certificates from independent institutions, such as Dekra. If you want to limit your contact with the staff, consider choosing a facility that provides a mobile key, i.e. the possibility of quick check-in and check-out from the hotel in the telephone application, and also allows you to download invoices on the device, without having to go to the reception desk.

If you share your everyday life with a four-legged friend and the vision of going to another city without him is not a dream come true, check if the hotel offers a stay for dogs. You may be pleasantly surprised, and it is widely known that stroking a dog's fur, even after a difficult day at work, is worth its weight in gold.

Photo: Disinfection and cleaning of a hotel room

Walks in the open air

Look at the world from above, Gradowa Góra

The Millennium Cross towering over Gdańsk can be seen from below. It is worth seeing what we can see from above. The Gradowa Mountain is considered to be the best viewpoint in Śródmieście. From the hill you can observe the city center, as well as see the shipyard cranes and the Bay of Gdańsk on the horizon. A hill 46 m above sea level is located in Grodzisk. For me, the perfect time to please the eye with views is dawn, when we watch the city awakening with its sounds, as well as the evening, when it is already dark, and houses and streets, covered with a dark velvet sky, flicker with a thousand lights. Most importantly - the cross is also illuminated, so we do not have to worry that we will get lost after dark. The easiest way to go up the hill is from the bus station at 3 Maja Street. Is it worth it? See for yourself!

Photo: Millennium Cross in Gdańsk, Gradowa Mountain

Evil Hagel and founding of the city of Gdańsk

Apart from visual impressions, Góra Gradowa offers us something more - a centuries-old founding legend and an interesting history.

For over four hundred years, a legend has been told in Gdańsk about an evil ruler - Hagel, who built his stronghold on Gradowa Mountain, named after him Hagels-Berg (Hagel Mountain). The hierarchy terrorized the local fishermen, peasants and beekeepers, forcing them to pay tribute. The situation might not have improved had it not been for the great power of love, because a poor young fisherman, Dan, fell in love with Hagel's stepdaughter. The ruler did not think to allow such a feeling, so he ordered to beat the young man. The boy swore revenge. And although the versions regarding retaliation differ, the bad steward is punished in each of them. The stronghold previously built on the mountain was demolished, and the loving young people - Raja and Dan - founded a new city, Gdańsk.

Photo: View of Gdańsk, Gradowa Mountain

Fortifications on Góra Gradowa

History lovers will find many interesting facts about the fortifications located in Grodzisk. Their creation was justified, because the seizure by the enemy of the area towering over the city, combined with the development of artillery, could not end well for the inhabitants of Gdańsk. The first fortifications were built in 1655 just before the Swedish Deluge and helped to stop the enemy troops. The next test and at the same time the most important battle in the history of Gradowa Mountain came on May 9, 1734. Nearly 23,000 Russian soldiers stormed the bastion that had been built less than a century earlier. Despite winning the battle, the city capitulated a few months later. However, this is history, incl. The Jerusalem Bastion does not end there, and fans of past events can learn more from the interesting article linked below. I also encourage you, when it is possible again, to take the History of the Fort - guided tour, during which history will come alive again.

Photo: Fortifications on Gradowa Mountain, Gdańsk

Find comfort after an intense day

Relax in water

After a long, sometimes stressful day spent talking, negotiating or learning more, everyone needs a break and a moment to breathe. We don't always have the strength and willingness to go for a walk, but that doesn't mean we have to treat this time neglectfully. Some hotels in Gdańsk have swimming pools, and most importantly - these are the only ones that are still open to guests! Take advantage of favorable circumstances, change into swimming trunks or a bathing suit and relax in warm water. Even if you are not an amateur of swimming and you don't break speed records every day, just recreational splashing can do wonders, and it will certainly ease the tension and relax your body and mind before the next challenging day. What I wish us all!

Photo: Pool at Hotel Number One in Gdańsk

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