Christmas and New Year in Gdańsk and Sobieszewo

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Christmas and New Year in Gdańsk and Sobieszewo

Ho, ho, ho! As the old Polish saying goes: Christmas, Christmas and after Christmas! If you don't want the magical time of December, long-awaited for many people, to slip through your fingers and actually end with the last portion of carp or an ear lost in borscht, be sure to consider its continuation. If you were wondering where and what to do to keep beautiful moments, I hope that today's post will be an inspiration for you. So - the post-Christmas and New Year's Eve destination Gdańsk and Sobieszewska Island.

Photo: New Year's toast in Gdańsk

New Year's Eve at the seaside in different editions

How to survive the hottest night of the year? In the rhythm of music, streams of champagne with a large group of friends and acquaintances or on the contrary - among the sound of waves, with sand under your feet, alone or together? Although it is believed that New Year's Eve is celebrated with great pomp, I hear more and more often that not everyone strives for it. Therefore, to meet the expectations of at least some of you, I have prepared a few alternative Tri-City proposals for this night.

Photo: New Year's Eve with friends in Gdańsk

Concert evening at the opera and philharmonic

If you're a fan of classical music, there's a real treat waiting for you on New Year's Eve. Gdańsk cultural institutions have planned at least two noteworthy events.

The Baltic Opera has prepared a New Year's Eve Concert, during which you will hear beautiful, timeless pieces from famous operas and operettas. You will have the opportunity to admire Libiamo from Traviata, and energy will be added by Mazur from Moniuszko's The Haunted Manor. All this will be enriched with the artistry of excellent performers, supported by the Choir and Orchestra of the Baltic Opera.

However, if you are closer, even this evening, to film music, the New Year's Eve Concert with Krzesimir Dębski, organized by the Baltic Philharmonic, seems to be an excellent proposition. The conductor will lead the orchestra and its soloists to the beat of well-known and beloved pieces, including: Fire and Sword, Old Tale but also Hans Zimmer's cult hit Gladiator.

*Remember, the number of places is limited, so it is worth buying tickets as soon as possible.

Photo: New Year's Eve in Gdańsk

New Year's Eve at 50 meters

Fans of a bit more extreme experiences will not be disappointed with the offer prepared by AmberSky - namely a crazy night spent on the Gdańsk observation wheel. Entry is scheduled shortly before midnight. During the ride in the gondolas (which can be booked exclusively), you will certainly get a better look at the fireworks that are still expected. It will also be a unique opportunity to look at Gdańsk and the old year from above. Such a perspective can help in planning new, ambitious projects for 2023.

Photo: AmberSky in Gdańsk

New Year's Eve on the beach in Sobieszewo? Why not!

An ideal proposition for those who are looking for space, nature or run away from clichés and strive for something new. I encourage you to drop (or not, which can also be an additional, interesting experience) high heels, sequin creations, matching suits and ties and try a different variant of celebrating - in a warm sweater, snow boots, with a thermos for hot tea or mulled wine.

While in Gdańsk, let's go towards the sea, and especially - to the beautiful, empty beaches of Sobieszewo Island. Let's spread a thick blanket, get snacks and champagne from the basket. The flickering lights of ships standing in the roadstead and the starry sky will replace the fireworks show at midnight, and the sand, sprinkled with snow, will become a dance floor. After all, there will be room for fancy figures and a spontaneous show.

Photo: Fireworks on the beach in Sobieszewo

New Year in the water

According to the saying: what is the first of January, so is the whole year. Therefore, start it attractively and in a non-obvious way. Gdańsk has an unusual, decades-old tradition of welcoming the New Year among the sea waves. Every year, on the beach in Jelitkowo, in the early afternoon, numerous daredevils with the same goal are waiting for lovers of winter bathing - immersion in cold water, which, despite its temperature, can warm hearts, bodies and minds for a long time.

Photo: Winter swimming in Gdańsk Sobieszewo

Christmas and New Year's in the Tri-City

I hope that you will manage to come to Gdańsk a few days before New Year's Eve or stay there after the New Year. To make the time spent after Christmas more pleasant, I suggest you some winter activities.

Cross-country skiing on Sobieszewo Island

Cross-country skiing is something I look forward to every year. I hope that winter will be good and we will have the opportunity to exercise just after we leave the Christmas table. The offer is, of course, dedicated to the older and younger, the more and less physically fit, because this type of skiing does not require us to be in very good condition. Instead, it improves it and supports the body's efficiency. It is also a great opportunity to spend time in the bosom of nature, and inhaling fresh air full of iodine can bring additional health benefits.

Although sometimes it seems that in order to ride cross-country skis, you need super-prepared routes (of course, these will not hurt and it would be great if more were created), but we can start learning on forest or park snow-covered paths.

I believe that it is worth trying your hand at Sobieszewska Island for at least two reasons - the chance of meeting pedestrians and cyclists (yes, there are also people riding in the snow) is lower than, for example, in the Tri-City Landscape Park, and thus - it is easier keep the driving rhythm, especially when we are inexperienced.

The second reason is the proximity of large tracts of forest and the beach, where you can also ride. The multitude of routes and changing circumstances of nature should bring a smile to your face. With the rest, I encourage you to see for yourself and watch the video of cross-country skiing performed by and we're moving on.

If you do not have your own equipment, Tri-City rentals should solve the problem.

Photo: Forest trail for cross-country skiing, Gdańsk Sobieszewo

Sopot New Year Town

Yes, your eyes don't deceive you. Sopot came up with the initiative to organize a fair with numerous attractions for children and adults, which will last from December 24, 2022 to January 8, 2023. The initiative is therefore particularly interesting for everyone who, in the pre-Christmas rush, did not have time to take advantage of the charms of, for example, the Gdańsk fair.

We can expect light illuminations, concerts, merry-go-rounds, ice shows, as well as stands with souvenirs, amber and handicrafts. The organizers also made sure that passers-by did not leave with empty bellies. We can expect Kashubian, Polish and Georgian cuisine as well as soups from around the world, desserts and drinks - the more and less spicy ones.

I encourage you to take a look at the entire offer of the Sopot New Year's Town and find something for yourself.

Photo: Sopot New Year's Town

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope that the above suggestions will meet with your appreciation and you will spend at least a few days enjoying the Christmas and New Year's atmosphere in Gdańsk. By the way, I would like to wish you all the best in the coming year 2023.


And if you want to see last year's Christmas inspirations, I recommend the entry: Christmas time in the Tri-City



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