Winter holidays in Gdańsk

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Winter holidays in Gdańsk

Attractive holidays in Gdańsk

Although looking out the window at the world bathed in spring and autumn aura, it's hard to believe - we are entering the winter holidays with great strides. In just a few days, children from some provinces will start the long-awaited break between semesters. And it was with you - parents, grandparents, carers of the youngest and slightly older - in mind that I have prepared today's article. However, also those who need to arm themselves with a little more patience and wait a few weeks will find something for themselves - after all, it is worth planning your vacation in advance.

Photo: Family winter holidays in Gdańsk

Winter in Gdańsk and the Tri-City? Yes, it's worth it!

Going to the seaside in the winter is a good idea for at least several reasons. If your children have recently bravely defended themselves against infection or did not avoid it, it is worth considering the health benefits of inhaling Baltic iodine, especially in the colder season of the year. Improving immunity is perhaps one of the best souvenirs that many parents could wish for.

But winter holidays are also a good opportunity to visit Gdańsk and the surrounding area, if only because there are fewer tourists in the Tri-City at this time than in summer, which means that popular attractions are easier to access and just as interesting. Especially that the list of places worth visiting is really long and everyone will find something for themselves - even fans of skiing and snowboarding. Surprised? Look further.

Photo: Family winter holidays in Gdańsk

Gdańsk worth knowing - attractive adventures in the heart of the city

The initiator of the "Winter Action" lasting from 16 to 29 January 2023 is the Museum of Gdańsk, which, based on its rich, annual experience, has prepared an interesting offer of meetings and workshops dedicated to visitors to Gdańsk, but also to its residents.* What is important - there are no age restrictions, so everyone can get to know the city, and not just see it.

Arsenal of old Gdańsk

Of the three suggestions for walks ("Arsenal of old Gdańsk", "Journey to eighteenth-century Gdańsk" and "In the footsteps of Gdańsk Themis"), I would be tempted by the first option. Gdansk, among others due to its seaside, port location, it was the target of various armies for centuries, so it had to be prepared to repel potential attacks at any time.

During the walk, participants will learn what functions the fortifications had and where to look for them. I think that looking at the city through the eyes of a potential defender or attacker can be extremely interesting and will help you better understand why the urban fabric looks the way it does today.

If you are interested in the topic of defense, I also encourage you to read the previous article about Góra Gradowa. While in this area, be sure to check out Centrum Hewelianum, which I introduced in last year's post. It is an unusual place where children, but also adults, can experiment with science.

Gdańsk from the inside

I believe that this proposal may appeal not only to gourmands! The field game "Culinary journey around Gdańsk" is one of the most interesting, organized attractions for the whole family. In search of a recipe for an 18th-century Christmas cake, participants will get to know the city from the gastronomy side - the historical one, because Gdańsk, as a port city, abounded in sophisticated varieties from around the world.

And if the riddles were not enough for you, there is also the second option of the city game - "Adventures of Mr. van Worden", which will take you to Gdańsk full of merchants and secrets.

* The cost of classes is PLN 10 per person. Information about applications can be found on the action page.

Inspiring Gdańsk - holidays with art for the youngest

If you spent your time actively discovering puzzles or wandering beautiful streets in search of history, you will definitely need a moment of rest and immersion in completely different sensations. This time, you can remain spectators while the story unfolds before your eyes. During the winter holidays, Tri-City theaters prepared interesting spectacles for the youngest and slightly older children.

Mostownia Theater and "Sopelka's First Winter"

The proposal is dedicated to viewers from 4 to 9 years of age, however, due to the small size of the audience and the proximity of the stage in the Mostownia Theatre, I think that the performance is a great opportunity to familiarize slightly younger children with the theater as well. The facility is intimate and cozy, and very close contact with the actors who are within arm's reach can help the youngest viewers understand this unique world of art.

The spectacle itself, lasting about half an hour, raises a very important winter issue of feeding animals. Using the example of a dog, cat and birds, children learn what we can do to help animals survive the winter months in good health. And the after-show talk additionally sensitizes to the fate of our smaller brothers.

You can immediately put the acquired knowledge into practice during a winter walk, feeding the wintering swans at the beaches of Gdańsk. What to give them? Listen to Sopelek ;)

Photo: The play "Sopelka's First Winter" at the Mostownia Theatre

A Baltic Story at the Miniatura Theatre

"Przypływ", as this is the name of the play by the Miniatura Theatre, was created with the really youngest viewers in mind. It is dedicated to three-year-olds and even younger children together with adult guardians. As befits Gdańsk, the performance was created out of love for the sea and fascination with what the Baltic Sea hides under the surface. The actors stimulate the senses and ask questions, activating and inspiring the viewers.

When leaving the cinema, be sure to go to the seaside beach and listen to the sound of the waves, guessing what story the reservoir wants to tell us this time.

Photo: The play "Przypływ" at the Mostownia Theatre

Port Gdańsk - Winter in the shipyard for families

An interesting proposal in the period 16-27.01.2023 was prepared by the European Solidarity Centre. I highly recommend taking part in a family visit to the temporary exhibition "Shipyard", dedicated to children aged 6-12 together with their guardians.* It is an excellent opportunity, especially for people who do not live and are not associated with the maritime industry on a daily basis, to get to know many interesting facts about this unusual place of work.

You will learn in an accessible way what the construction of ships looked like, what the work at various shipyard positions was characterized by, as well as how shipyard workers spent their free time. Perhaps this will ignite a spark in some children to follow a technical career path in the future. And if not, it will surely remain a nice family memory.

I also encourage you to visit ECS in general. In my opinion, it is one of the most interesting, very modern and visitor-oriented museums in Poland. You can find out more from the post dedicated to the European Solidarity Centre.

* The exhibition is paid, for more details please refer to the organizer's website.

Photo: European Solidarity Center in Gdańsk

A few words at the end

Although the temperatures are not particularly wintery, and the hope for snow holidays smoulders only in the hearts of the biggest fans, I wish you that this time will be unforgettable. Even if there is no building material for the igloo, and skiing will require artificial snow*, I hope that your holiday will be family and unforgettable.

* Although it may come as a surprise to many people, there are ski slopes in the vicinity of Gdańsk, e.g. on Łysa Góra in Sopot, as well as an artificially snowed slope in Wieżyca-Koszałków. I hope that the weather will allow you to check out the charms of this Kashubian ski resort, because it is a very good place to take your first steps in skiing and snowboarding. Although I know that even more experienced skiers are preparing for the season on it.

Photo: Family ski trip, Wieżyca


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