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Arrival 19 Jan '21
Departure 20 Jan '21
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meet us

IT'S JUST US is a series dedicated to the employees of the Number One Hotel. You have the opportunity to look at their work and daily duties, and all this half jokingly, half seriously! We want to bring you closer to the employees of the Number One Hotel. Daily work in a hotel is a real challenge, so it's worth taking a look at her with a grain of salt. ;-)  

Magda & Magda - Receptionists

Room for two in love with a comfortable bathroom for her, a family suite with a separate bedroom for kids and champagne for parents, or maybe a comfortable asylum only for you with no interruption? Call us at any time of the day or night, we will reserve everything for you! Magda is a great example of how a diligent career can go faster than you think. Magda, once a receptionist - today Operations Manager!  

Housekeeping - Alice

Lounging in the bed until noon? Why not! At Hotel Number One everyone will find the right place to sleep. Single or double? At your discretion. Fragrant, comfortable bed - check it out for yourself ;-)  

Małgosia & Łukasz & Adam - sales department

When all the suitcases are safely in the rooms, the hotel trolley turns into a real carriage. Małgosia can't be late for the ball! Her sales colleagues help her on her way. Remember not to lose your slipper and come back before 12. Hotel trolley not only for suitcases ;-)  

Andrzej - Pizzerman & Grzegorz

The secret to a perfect pizza is dough, and I can't compare it when making dough! Each roll is for 100 points. An angry cook is a bad cook, so don't play with me!  

Łukasz & Danny - technical department

Screwing, drilling, assembling, planning - our technical department has hands full of work every day - literally. This time the boys are planning how to control the world. I wonder if they will succeed? Impossible we do it immediately, we have to wait for miracles!  

Housekeeping - Alice and Dagmara

"And no one will tell us that we are casual workers".  

Cuisine - Radosław & Grzegorz

"Number One Chefs in the fumes of culinary talent".  

Managers - Dawid & Dariusz

"Hotel Number One. Let's chill!"

Technical department - Danny & Łukasz

"I put everything on one card... Hotel Number One..." 

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