In the mainstream of history A family weekend in September

Arrival 03 Oct '23
Departure 04 Oct '23
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Family weekend in September, 14 September 2020 In the mainstream of history

After a day full of attractions, the youngest dreamed their childhood dreams. Still in their imagination, they were building from sand, splashing each other with sea water, jumping on stones and imitating the sounds of animals. In the morning, refreshed, with a smile on their faces, they woke up and quietly climbed into their sleepy parents' bed. The beginning of the day belonged to the family. The morning is a great time to tell what each of them liked the most, what impressions they will share with their friends in the kindergarten, and what attractions are waiting for today. After a while, the fantasy-stimulating conversations turned into joyful antics, checking who has more ticklish, and after a few moments officially start a family pillow fight. The balance of power was changing, because once the girls were at the helm, sometimes the cooperation of siblings brought the longed-for victory. The joy of having fun together and the time spent with your loved ones without haste is worth its weight in gold. Especially when they are busy on a daily basis, in a whirlwind of duties, with a watch in their hand, getting ready for the next day of school and work. It's good that the hotel's interior design makes it easier to afford a little fun and relaxation.

The crazy fun ended with the first sounds of gurgling stomachs. Hungry and laughing, they went down to the restaurant for breakfast. There were sparkles of joy in the children's eyes, because they could compose the menu themselves from the dishes available in the buffet. It was the perfect opportunity for everyone to try exactly what they wanted without having to involve their parents in cooking multiple dishes for one meal. Everyone has decided for themselves whether to try a little bit of everything or to be tempted by a large portion of their favorite cereal with milk, fritters with fruit, vegetable salad, fish or colorful sandwiches. My parents' unexpected decision to go to the swimming pool right after breakfast was also conducive to focusing on food. They agreed that there was nothing to wait for. Happy and full, they relaxed before the intense day. Adaś and Anielka splashed in warm water and tried their hand at swimming on their backs, supported on their father's hand. Mom watched them and cheered as she relaxed in the pool hot tub. The day started this way must have been successful!

Photo: The Black Pearl ship sailing on the Motława River

And it really was, because in the morning they started a great adventure on a ship, stylized as a 17th-century galleon. Moored at Długa Pobrzeże in the heart of the city, it was waiting for tourists who would like to go on a cruise on board to pay tribute to history. But before that happened, the youngest and slightly older adventurers had the opportunity to listen to and sing shanties - songs about the sea and the hardships of working on sailing ships - which were written so that the sailors singing them would gain an equal rhythm and thus synchronize the activities performed on the ship such as pulling the sails. Thanks to the ear-pleasing rhythm, children and parents learned one stanza of "Sea Stories" during the cruise. It helped them tremendously during the walk, as all family members walked at the same pace.

From the deck of the galleon, they saw Gdańsk from a completely different perspective. They passed the Sołdek ship on the right and the Crane on the left, the Gdańsk Shipyard and the Repair Shipyard, where ships are currently being built and repaired, they saw the docks and the majestic Wisłoujście Fortress. The purpose of the cruise was the history monument "Battlefield on Westerplatte". The monument located on Westerplatte is one of the most famous monuments, a symbol of bravery, commemorating the heroic attitudes of the defenders at the post. It is worth seeing it up close. The entire area of ​​Westerplatte is a living history lesson that parents wanted to tell and show in a symbolic way to their young children. Common telling about the past, showing its traces, was a great way to spend time in a valuable way with the family and instilling curiosity in the world.

Photo: Monument of the Coast Defenders, Westerplatte

After returning from the cruise, they spent the afternoon walking around the streets and nooks of Gdańsk. They got off the ship at the Motława bank and headed towards the Crane. On the left, they saw Mariacka Street, considered the prettiest in Gdańsk. Unique stairs, gargoyles and tenement houses were a great background for amber decorations. Together, they decided that a small necklace is a perfect gift for grandma. The street is crowned with the largest brick church in the world - St. Mary's Basilica. A tower with a panorama of Gdańsk is open to visitors. They thought it was a good opportunity to compare the view from the top with the view from the tower on Pachołek Hill. Anielka faced a real challenge. Under the watchful eye of her mother, she made sure that you really had to climb 409 steps to get to the viewing balcony. The calculations seemed correct. They unanimously decided that the view is beautiful and worth climbing, and there are a lot of steps, so it is best to replenish the energy spent during a tasty dinner and dessert.

After leaving the basilica, a pleasant smell led them to the Gvara Restaurant, which also offers dishes for children. After a filling dinner, they indulged in a little pleasure and drank hot chocolate in Pikawa, as it was the last moment to fill their bellies before the final part of the trip. They devoted their last weekend moments to a walk along the Royal Route, i.e. the Gdańsk Old Town. They started with the Golden Gate. Right behind it they noticed wonderful, beautifully restored tenement houses. They let their imaginations run wild and for a moment felt like royal courtiers attending a retinue. Around them, they envisioned the townspeople cheering for the visiting king. In this sublime, historic atmosphere, they reached the Long Market. Then they saw one of the most famous symbols of the city - Neptune's Fountain - the ruler of the seas, whose favor was and still is extremely important to the inhabitants of the port city of Gdańsk. They stopped for a moment, because it is a must-see place for a family photo - a laughing souvenir from holidays. They slowly made their way to the river throne. They passed the Green Gate, next to the Motława River, and thus returned to the point where they started the day.

Photo: Neptune's Fountain, Długi Targ

They said goodbye to Gdańsk, promised they would come back soon, as they still had plenty of places to discover and set off on their way home. The last two active days lulled Adam and Aniela to sleep. Perhaps they dreamed of pirate expeditions, amber searches or the sea ruled by a trident. They told their parents about all this while they lay in their own beds in the evening. Even though it was a short vacation, it left many wonderful memories in the hearts of children and parents.


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