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Blog Grano Hotels - Tricity Inspirations

Listen to the sound of the waves, feel the taste of salt water and the sea breeze in your hair. Take us by the hand and let yourself be led along the atmospheric, cobbled streets in the glow of the sunset. Learn with us the magic of historic Gdańsk and its vicinity, as well as the modern dimension of a large city. Visit us alone, with loved ones, arrange a meeting of friends or colleagues. Make yourself comfortable in this space.

Cultural end of summer in Tricity

August 16, 2023

The weather in the Tri-City during the long August weekend was really good. A large group of tourists came to the seaside, and the beaches were bursting at the seams. To be completely honest - there were not many such convenient opportunities for sunbathing and sea bathing this summer. In addition, it is often heard - both from friends and in the statements of travelers - that for guests, especially those with children, August 15 is the last moment when they decide to go on a summer vacation.

However, I would like to show you that despite the approaching end of the holidays, it is worth changing your habits, breaking the routine or on the contrary - as every year, visit the Tri-City, in a less crowded, but usually equally warm (and statistically less rainy) and to immerse yourself in… culture.

SEA YOU IN... GDAŃSK? Baltic holidays in a historic city and... in a hotel

August 3, 2023

We're halfway through the holidays! Needless to say, I had to pinch myself as I wrote these words. And yet - a month of rest and beautiful memories behind us. So let's be happy that the next August days are still on the horizon ;)
The last weeks of summer holidays are a great opportunity to create memories and experience unforgettable moments alone, with family and friends. It would be wonderful if the memory of this time stayed with us for a long time, especially in the context of the coming autumn. And where to spend it and why? You will find the answer in this article. I invite you for a Baltic holiday in a big city and hotel full of inspiration.

Running and water sports in Sobieszewo

July 17, 2023

I have mentioned it many times, but I will repeat it today - spending time actively outdoors is of inestimable value. In the rush of everyday duties, we often forget about how important it is for our body and mind to indulge in adventures outside the walls of homes and gyms. Regardless of whether you are sports enthusiasts, nature lovers or just want to get away from the routine, moments, and preferably hours, in the bosom of nature can bring you many benefits.

St. Dominic's Fair, a colorful pageant in the heart of Gdańsk

July 7, 2023

Two weeks of summer vacation are behind us. Looking at the calendar, you can get the impression that time is rushing like crazy and is constantly accelerating. Therefore, in order not to miss the upcoming, usually slightly looser and holiday-friendly period, I encourage you to plan the upcoming days and weekends now. And where is the best place to spend them?
I think that my proposal today, full of colors, flavors and smells, will appeal to many readers. I invite you to Gdańsk for the St. Dominic's Fair!

Wide, empty, sandy beaches, i.e. holidays in paradise Sobieszewo

May 22, 2023

Although maybe 18 degrees outside is not yet a signal for everyone to pump up circles and inflatable flamingos or search for swimwear packed a year earlier, it is already a good time to think about the upcoming summer vacation. And for lovers of spring aura and temperatures, to plan a weekend today... on the beach. Which one to choose? Find out from the article.

May weekend by the sea, i.e. on the way from Gdańsk to Hel and back

April 27, 2023

Although a bit of a throw on the tape, but we made it! For those of you who are going to the Tri-City for the long weekend in May, as well as for those who are just wondering what to do with the upcoming free days, which are exceptionally favorable this year, I am in a hurry to help.

I have prepared a proposal to spend time actively and get to know the charms of the close vicinity of Gdańsk from a slightly different perspective. I invite you to read!

Easter seaside walk in Tricity

March 27, 2023

Easter is coming. Looking at the increasing number of Easter offers in hotels and how many of us actually decide to spend this time taking advantage of tourist offers, I think we can confidently admit that Holy Week, but above all the period between Holy Saturday and Monday Easter, it becomes a great opportunity to catch your breath. Slowly, Easter away from home - with family or on the contrary - is gaining the name of a new tradition.

And I understand it perfectly. Easter, in addition to religious aspects, is already associated with spring and the next awakening of the natural world. And we - hungry for sun, fresh air and rest - willingly combine the Catholic celebration of the paschal mystery with the tangible world of the first blooming flowers, buds on trees and singing birds.

I was wondering what I would like to tell you about in this article and I came to the conclusion that I would write about what I have been doing for many years on Easter Sunday or Monday. Last year and the upcoming holidays, I was and will be accompanied by my closest family. The fact how happy they are spending Christmas in the Tri-City and how many people we meet on our Easter path makes me think that many tourists feel the same way.

That's why I invite you for a walk to the sea ;)

Tricity with children - is it worth it? It's worth it!

March 13, 2023

When browsing internet forums and social networking sites, I often notice questions from parents, grandparents and guardians of children regarding the choice of a place to rest - both shorter, weekend, as well as planned summer and winter holidays. Usually there is a question that other users help to solve: "Where to go on holiday with the child?".

Of course - no wonder! There are at least plenty of interesting proposals in Poland and in the world, and the number of vacation days for most of us - let's be honest - is relatively small. That is why we want the choice to be as interesting as possible, meeting the needs of our family and guaranteeing that we will really have something to do in case of bad weather, bad mood or ordinary child fatigue.

I - with full conviction - will always encourage you to come to Gdańsk and the Tri-City in general! But why? Because on the Tri-City trail you will not find time for boredom.

Women's Day in Tricity

February 27, 2023

The day is fast approaching, which I know from experience to be one of the favorite reasons for women - both older and younger - to celebrate. And although some of us associate it with the period of the People's Republic of Poland in which it is rooted, it does not prevent us from disenchanting it from the then ubiquitous carnations and tights ;) We have an impact on whether we make it a unique and beautiful time spent in accordance with our needs and desires remembering the rights we have.

Women's Day, because that's what we're talking about, is today a day when many women want to find time for themselves, open up to new ones, look inside themselves, but also spend joyful moments in the company of other ladies. Fortunately, the possibilities are plenty. I will propose to the ladies (and I will be addressing my words to them, but the proposals have no gender, so I also encourage you to read and use the ideas) a few ways that seem to be a nice alternative for those who need a breath of body and spirit.

Winter holidays in Gdańsk

January 11, 2023

Although looking out the window at the world bathed in spring and autumn aura, it's hard to believe - we are entering the winter holidays with great strides. In just a few days, children from some provinces will start the long-awaited break between semesters. And it was with you - parents, grandparents, carers of the youngest and slightly older - in mind that I have prepared today's article. However, also those who need to arm themselves with a little more patience and wait a few weeks will find something for themselves - after all, it is worth planning your winter vacation in advance.

Christmas and New Year in Gdańsk Sobieszewo

December 19, 2022

Ho, ho, ho! As the old Polish saying goes: Christmas, Christmas and after Christmas! If you don't want the magical time of December, long-awaited for many people, to slip through your fingers and actually end with the last portion of carp or an ear lost in borscht, be sure to consider its continuation. If you were wondering where and what to do to keep beautiful moments, I hope that today's post will be an inspiration for you. So - the post-Christmas and New Year's Eve destination Gdańsk and Sobieszewska Island.

First visit at the SPA, a bit of luxury for everyone

November 3, 2022

A few years ago, a visit to the SPA did not occupy my mind at all. It felt like a luxury reserved for other people. However, I couldn't quite answer the question for which exactly. My friend came with help, who went with her colleagues for the weekend to the SPA hotel. I was surprised then that the girls did not plan any major activities, such as sightseeing, but just decided to relax for two days after a difficult professional period. Then I asked them who, in their opinion, the SPA is for. The answer turned out to be obvious: SPA is for everyone!

Sobieszewo Island in the fall

September 22, 2022

September chases away summer with cooler mornings and evenings. Slowly, despite the sunny hours during the day, we realize that the heat is no longer threatening us and we get used to thinking about warmer clothes and fuller shoes. But, as probably regular readers of the blog already know, autumn at the seaside can be a beautiful opportunity to breathe fresh, iodine-filled air and a chance to rest in peace and quiet. Speaking of them - I invite you, again with the rest, to the Sobieszewo Island - a mecca for people who need solace in the rhythm of nature... and more

September with a tourist voucher in the Tri-City

It is hard to believe that the holidays are over! The children had just left their school desks for the summer break, and a few days ago they heard the first bell announcing the arrival of the new year. However, in order to refer a bit to the summer atmosphere and to enter the autumn duties more gently, it is worth considering organizing a short, even weekend, rest. Especially that you can still use the tourist voucher, and the autumn Tri-City still tempts with a sea of attractions for tourists of all ages.

Cycling and canoeing - Sobieszewo Island actively

July 15, 2022

In the previous article, I told you about the most interesting and noteworthy natural values of the Sobieszewo Island. Today I will focus on what to do to experience the coastal, unique climate of the island even more. Get your bikes ready, warm your shoulders, put on comfortable shoes, and go on the adventure with a smile on your face.

Birds, seals and nature reserves - the treasures of the Sobieszewo Island

June 24, 2022

In today's article, I will tell you a little more about a place that is not known to many tourists visiting the Tri-City. Certainly, many of them are surprised that there is quite a large… island within the borders of Gdańsk.

The Sobieszewo Island, because we are talking about it, is the third largest island, after Wolin and Usedom, on the Polish Baltic coast. Interestingly, it was the only one created as a result of human activity.

But the interesting facts about Sobieszewo do not end there. I encourage you to read and visit this amazing place - I can assure you that many of my guests were enchanted and are a constant point for them when returning to the Tri-City, among others because of the natural values. And... I also like them very much.

Family vacation - staying at the hotel from the perspective of children and adults

May 12, 2022

Family trips and vacations, both shorter and longer, are often planned down to the last detail. Parents want to know exactly what they will do, or at least what they can do. They carefully check the offer in terms of facilities for children, ask about what the hotel, guesthouse, agritourism or the closest neighborhood has to offer for the youngest. They want to be sure that in case of bad weather, the holiday offer will be prepared so richly that their children will not have time to get bored, and they will… have time to rest.

Easter in the Tri-City

March 29, 2022

For several weeks, you can feel the distinct breezes of spring. Last weekends delighted us with sun, cloudless skies and calm sea. Nature began to come to life, starting the favorite period of the year. In the near future, somewhere on the horizon, apart from the flowering of snowdrops and crocuses, there is another, traditionally most important time for Christians - Easter.

And it is during the holidays - in the version for Catholics and not only - I will focus your attention today.

Valentine's Day in the Tri-City

February 9, 2022

February 14 is fast approaching. And although my observations show that there are at least two approaches to celebrating this day, I would like to propose a few ideas to make the festival of lovers unique this year. If you belong to the group of people for whom Valentine's Day is a long-awaited and special day, full of magic and surprises, I hope that you will find inspiration in the text to spend it in a pleasant way. If you are on the other side of the barricade and red hearts in February do not keep you awake at night, I also encourage you to read. After all, you can use the ideas later, because it's worth celebrating on any other day, preferably every day.

Winter holidays by the sea

February 2, 2022

If I conducted a short survey and asked what do you associate winter holidays with, most of you would probably give answers such as: skiing, snowboarding, sledding, mountains, snow, hot tea and a snowball fight. Some would probably add some rest, family time and adventure. Of course, that wouldn't exhaust all the possibilities. So let's look for something special for us, and certainly open up to something new to broaden our horizons.

And it is the winter holidays by the sea, in a large city, that may turn out to be going beyond the scheme and quite an interesting alternative for those who are not great fans of winter sports. I invite you on a winter trip to Gdańsk.

Christmas time in the Tri-City

November 3, 2021

This year autumn is spoiling us. It would seem that September is behind us. Meanwhile, last weekend we put our watches back one hour. The children of the neighborhood, dressed as witches and ghosts, ran joyfully shouting "trick or treat", and we showered them with sweets to think about our nobles a bit later.

And although it is probably hard to believe it now, in a few weeks golden leaves will be replaced by frost, and walks without a hat will turn out to be a big challenge. November evenings, suspended between gold in autumn and winter, are a good time to think about… Christmas and how we will spend it this year. And it is worth considering as soon as possible, because there are more and more people willing to survive these days away from home.

Walk through the autumn Gdańsk

September 16, 2021

For several days I have been feeling more and more that autumn is approaching us with great strides. Increased traffic of cars on the streets, crowds of students on school playgrounds, and finally mushroom pickers encountered during a forest walk, proudly presenting the trophies in the baskets - eye-catching porcupines, goats and butterflies. And the first threads of Indian summer, floating freely in the golden rays of the sun, clearly signal that nature is slowly getting ready for sleep.

For most of us, this September time is a return to routine and a certain normality after many months of pandemic struggles. Time to rest at home after intensive days at school and at work.

Postcard from autumn Gdańsk

September 1, 2021

- What do you like the sea for? - I heard. A stream of thoughts, memories, images flashed through my head.

- For everything - smiling heartily, I glanced at the horizon.

The answer, trivial as it may seem, is exactly what I feel. The sea made itself at home in my soul a long time ago. And, perhaps, it's not the most popular opinion - I love it after the summer season. The second half of August, September, October and November have their own, more strict, but also majestic laws.

It is then that the sea seems to me the most beautiful and has a special power of attraction. Storms appearing more and more often, dark blue clouds towering proudly over the turbulent surface, sunbeams piercing through them, wind tugging on the hair and sandy spaces, with few tourists looking for the same experiences and emotions.

Shipyard from the water perspective

Do you remember which trip I invited you on last week? If not entirely, and you are hungry for sensations, I encourage you to follow the description of the cruise on our blog. I will introduce you to this story briefly. At that time, we sailed in a Galar, a replica of Polish river boats widespread in the 18th century, used for single transport of goods, i.e. salt, grain, soap and lime. On board, along with other daredevils, I crossed the waters of the Motława and Nowa Motława, and we saw Gdansk from a completely different, noteworthy, perspective.

Gdańsk from the water perspective

The holiday season at the Polish seaside is in full swing! We also started the summer with a bang in the Tri-City, because the temperatures only occasionally drop below 20 degrees Celsius, which makes everyone thirsty for hot sand, sunbathing and swimming in the waves happy. However, Gdańsk not only lives by the sea and has many other interesting tricks up its sleeve. For those who are looking for a respite by the water, but not necessarily on the vast beaches or jumping among the Baltic snowmen, I have very good news. Just like for lovers of learning about history anew, and above all, a look at the famous face of the city from... an unknown perspective - the perspective of water.

I invite you to the report from the cruise!

Holiday on four paws

May 11, 2021

There are only a few weeks left until the holidays! Spring sun is slipping into our bedrooms earlier and earlier, reminding us that it's high time to plan your vacation. Many of us will go on a trip with loved ones: spouses, partners, children, parents, with friends or solo. But, but - are I sure to mention all those who are happy at the thought of rest, carefree, beautiful views and being by our side? Definitely not!

A few words about hotels during the lockdown - guide

March 31, 2021

Open hotels or closed hotels? In recent weeks, I have received at least a dozen such questions from friends, acquaintances and family members. I also participated in several discussions in which we tried to determine what the current regulations allow us to do and what we cannot do. I thought that since the topic is alive among my relatives, it may also interest our guests, readers and people looking for answers to the most bothering questions. With you in mind, I have prepared this short booking guide during the next lockdown.

Museums in Gdańsk - the amber route to the King of the Celts

March 17, 2021

Museums in the Pomeranian Voivodeship closed again? Unfortunately, this is a pandemic truth. They are closed to visitors until at least March 28, 2021. But does that make it not worth writing about them? From my point of view, absolutely not! These additional two weeks give us time to get to know the museums in Gdańsk and the Tri-City better and to visit in April those objects and exhibitions that made the greatest impression on us, interested us or simply - we have not been to them yet. And that museums occupy a special place on the tourist map, I don't think I need to convince anyone. All the statistics from recent years clearly show that the number of museums and museum branches is constantly growing, and there are more and more visitors each year. So let's join this large group of visitors as soon as possible!

Museums in Gdańsk - modern about history

February 23, 2021

Museums have a special place on the tourist map. It is in them that we remember history anew, we learn about facts that we have not heard about before. Thanks to them, we can move back in time to both very distant and very close periods. Museum exhibitions provide an opportunity to better understand the past. Participation in history is also a great tool for a better interpretation of the situation, empathizing with it, sometimes it allows you to understand the motives behind actions and events.

Winter adventure with children in the Tri-City

January 26, 2021

Hu hu ha! Hu hu ha! Our winter…. pretty good! Children like winter. For many adults, this statement may seem surprising, because they often associate them mainly with clearing snow from cars or a backyard pavement, but for the youngest the vision of making a snowman, making an eagle or an angel in the snow, rolling down a hill in white powder, and above all a battle snowballs with parents and friends are still very much anticipated. It is not without reason that the Disney's "Frozen" has enjoyed unwavering popularity for many years among the younger and slightly older ones, and has just got its second part. I strongly encourage, despite the January season, to follow the example of Elsa, Anna, Olaf the snowman and Sven's reindeer and try to find winter beauty. Let's help children create beautiful memories that we surely have ourselves! So I invite you to the Tri-City to check what winter has hidden for us in the forest, on the hill and… in a hiding place.

Winter evening in Gdańsk

23 December 2020

2020 will go down in history for many reasons. The catchy slogans "2020 cannot be forgotten" or "2020 still in shape", did not leave the headlines, were the reason for writing articles, entries, and also a great opportunity to create countless memes. The Year 2020 itself has been changed by all cases, and its ending is still very exciting. For many of us, saying goodbye to him will not be particularly sad and difficult. Regardless of whether the last months have been gentle with us, have initiated positive changes, or we do not like them excessively, let's look with hope and make the best of this winter time.


Lockdown, November 24, 2020
I love business trips! Although I did not go to them often, I always looked forward to another trip with great joy. Everything for a simple reason - after work, even very late, you are still in a new place, maybe for the first time or after a long break, and this creates opportunities for walks, getting to know cities in their natural, not only weekend, rhythm. Do you like business trips or treat them only as a task of significant importance for you or your company? Or maybe you combine them with the opportunity to rest and explore new places and people?

Some ideas for running lovers

Actively in the Tri-City, 9 November 2020

November comes unexpectedly. Over time, we get used to shorter days and brighter mornings. Outside the windows more and more leaves are blown in the wind, fog rises above the meadows, and the vision of a warm blanket and an interesting book creeps into our thoughts. You can wait this moment and rest. You can also roll up your long sleeves and take care of your health, immunity, good condition, as well as cultivate certain habits in order to wake up in a better shape in spring than in the previous year.

Some ideas for cycling enthusiasts

Actively in the Tri-City, 12 October 2020

Yellow and red leaves sway in the trees, chestnuts and acorns fall straight into the narrow streets, and the iodine-rich sea breeze brings a feeling of refreshment on a lazy afternoon. These little signals remind us that the golden Polish autumn has already arrived at the seaside and is slowly trying to make ourselves at home in our heads and hearts. Let's give her a chance!

In the mainstream of history

A family weekend in September, 14 September 2020

After a day full of attractions, the youngest dreamed their childhood dreams. Still in their imagination, they were building from sand, splashing each other with sea water, jumping on stones and imitating the sounds of animals. In the morning, refreshed, with a smile on their faces, they woke up and quietly climbed into their sleepy parents' bed. The beginning of the day belonged to the family. The morning is a great time to tell what each of them liked the most, what impressions they will share with their friends in the kindergarten, and what attractions are waiting for today.

In the rhythm of the sun

Family weekend in September, 31 August 2020

Families I know from different parts of Poland often ask me how to best plan a holiday by the sea and what places are worth seeing in Gdańsk. I cordially invite you to read a short story about a dream weekend at the Baltic Sea, serving as an inspiration that I have prepared for Ola - mother, Krzysztof - father, and Aniela and Adaś for their upcoming holiday.

Author of the Grano Hotels blog Daria Bałdyga

Hi! I am Daria and I want to tell you a few words about myself.

Ever since I was a child, I loved spinning the globe and wandering my finger on the map. That's probably why I became a geographer. I was able to combine my passion with work. For many years I have run and organized themed camps for children and adolescents, playing the role of a pirate captain and exploring the secrets of survival, to become a MICE coordinator today. On weekends, you can meet me as a facilitator of short orienteering marches for families or extreme rallies for adults. I love my border collie Inari madly. I train agility with her and throw Frisbee. Her wet nose motivates me every day to expand my knowledge of the canine world. I like being active and on the move. I run and cycle in the woods, backpacking in the mountains, and wandering off-road. When I close my eyes, I see the northern lands: beautiful, wild landscapes, space and the warmth of candles placed in the windows. I like to wander around old cities and delve into their history. After an active day, I gladly assume the yoga pose of a pigeon or cheer on the developing leaves of my potted flowers. I compulsively collect crayons, felt-tip pens, pens, notebooks, stickers and washi tapes, creating a bullet journal. I love to hide under a blanket with a cup of tea and read. I look longingly for fiction and reportages. From time to time I also write short forms about emotions that accompany us in our lives.

Sit down and make yourself comfortable in this space!


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