Cultural end of summer in Tricity

Arrival 03 Oct '23
Departure 04 Oct '23
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Cultural end of summer in Tricity

The weather in the Tri-City during the long August weekend was really good. A large group of tourists came to the seaside, and the beaches were bursting at the seams. To be completely honest - there were not many such convenient opportunities for sunbathing and sea bathing this summer. In addition, it is often heard - both from friends and in the statements of travelers - that for guests, especially those with children, August 15 is the last moment when they decide to go on a summer vacation.

However, I would like to show you that despite the approaching end of the holidays, it is worth changing your habits, breaking the routine or on the contrary - as every year, visit the Tri-City, in a less crowded, but usually equally warm (and statistically less rainy) and to immerse yourself in… culture.

Photo: Cinema at the Shakespeare Theater in Gdańsk

Cinema under the open sky

The last few weeks have definitely been a film festival. The premieres of "Oppenhaimer" and "Barbie" attracted unprecedented crowds to cinemas. I think, however, that in addition to the due admiration for these productions, it is worth taking advantage of the last long days and warm evenings and spending time outdoors.

Watching movies in the bosom of nature or in the middle of a bustling city is something that even true fans of darkened cinema halls cannot pass by indifferently. Especially that in the Tri-City you can choose between a screening on the Sopot pier and a projection on the roof of the theater. What's more, the repertoire of open-air cinemas usually inspires and allows you to catch up with the backlog that has appeared in recent months.

Photo: Cinema at the Shakespeare Theater in Gdańsk

Cinema at Shakespeare's Theatre

This name can confuse you. I have already heard opinions from people who interpreted it as "film screenings during the Shakespeare Festival". However, its true meaning is a very positive surprise, because it is actually "Cinema at Shakespeare's Theatre", i.e. evening film screenings on the roof of the theater with a view of Gdańsk tenement houses and the Main City in the background.

These shows have become part of the Tri-City tradition. They create a unique opportunity to watch the best films of the season, awarded at film festivals in Cannes, Venice and Berlin, in an urban setting.

There are still a few of them ahead of us, because the project will end on September 2. Personally, I hope to see two of them - the black and white love story "Paris, 13th District" and the very warmly received comedy "Triangle of Sadness", set on a luxury yacht. And although I am definitely not a lover of comedy, I believe that watching it in the heart of Gdańsk will add a pinch of magic.

Photo: Cinema at the Shakespeare Theater in Gdańsk

Cinema on the pier in Sopot

The cinema on the pier in Sopot is part of the BNP Paribas Summer Cinema Sopot-Zakopane project, which aims to create the best film holidays for all cinema lovers from the Baltic Sea to the Tatry Mountains.

The whole event, which has been taking place for many years, has been planned down to the smallest detail. During it, viewers have the opportunity to get acquainted with or recall outstanding films that have won recognition at prestigious festivals, famous Hollywood works on a large scale, as well as ambitious Polish film productions.

The repertoire was divided into thematic days:

  • on Mondays there are family productions, e.g. "Detective Bruno",
  • Tuesday screenings are guided by the slogan "The world needs you", calling for respect for diversity,
  • Wednesday shows are the 100th anniversary of the Warner Bros studio and its iconic productions, including: "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "The Notebook",
  • on Thursdays we will see films awarded at the biggest festivals, e.g. "The Worst Person in the World",
  • Fridays are the day of film adaptations - "Lassie" and "House of Gucci" are ahead of us,
  • Saturdays dedicated to entertainment lovers and fans of, among others: "Rogue Agent",
  • Sundays is a celebration of women's cinema on both sides of the camera crowned with "Woman with a camera".

The festival will last until the end of August, and what is important - the screenings are free (in Sopot, the purchase of a ticket to the pier is required).

Although there is definitely no shortage of attractions, I'm still waiting for a drive-in cinema that lives in my imagination since I saw it for the first time in American ... movies.

Photo: Summer Cinema on the Pier in Sopot

Concerts in the open air

Listening to music and participating in outdoor concerts, we experience unique moments that connect us with nature and art in a unique way. Music, resounding in the open space, gains a new meaning, merging with the sounds of the surroundings and creating an extraordinary aura. Therefore, concerts in the open air allow many of us to be more free and more joyful to experience the presented work. It can also be the first step to listen to music at all and give it and yourself a chance to get to know each other better.

Gdańsk Jazz Nights

The project that I wanted to present to you is particularly close to me because of the place where it takes place, i.e. the Leśny Theater in Gdańsk. It is one of the most phenomenally located and charming places where you can come into contact with culture. Its history is over 110 years old, which is not much less than the Forest Opera in Sopot, which it matches in size, and according to experts, it may be superior to with its natural acoustics and unique, forest atmosphere.

Although it may sound trivial, for the inhabitants of Wrzeszcz, a district of Gdańsk, it is usually a destination for walks, because the amphitheater located in the heart of the park has something unique about it.

And these natural circumstances will be wonderfully used during the Gdańsk Jazz Nights, i.e. the jazz festival taking place on August 18-19, 2023. Although I do not have much knowledge about this genre of music, I would be happy to listen to the performance of the Aleksander Kutrzepa Quartet. The musicians will present the program "Pustó noc", i.e. rearranged desert songs from the Kashubia region. I think that listening to them in Gdańsk, accompanied by park nature falling asleep, can be a magical event.

Photo: Gdańsk Jazz Nights

TOP Of The TOP Sopot Festival

Speaking of open-air events, and in the previous paragraph I mentioned the Forest Opera in Sopot, one of the most famous Polish festivals cannot be missing from the list. TOP Of The Top Sopot Festival is an event that has been attended by crowds of popular music lovers in Sopot and the Tri-City for years.

On August 21-24, 2023, on the stage of the Opera Leśna, music stars will perform, including:

  • T.Love, Organek, Krzysztof Zalewski, Natalia Przybysz, Michał Szpak, Sylwia Grzeszczak, LemON group in the evening under the slogan #I Dance,
  • Agnieszka Chylińska, Wilki, Lady Pank, Kayah, Łukasz Zagrobelny, presenting holiday arrangements of the most popular songs, as well as nominees for the Bursztynowy Słowik Bovska, Kwiat Jabłoni and others,
  • Nosowska, Ralph Kamiński, Małgorzata Ostrowska, Sorry Boys, Mery Spolsky in the songs "Great Moments",
  • Mrozu, Kortez, Andrzej Piaseczny, Ewa Bem, Igor Herbut, Kuba Badach, Rubens in the show #Magic Words.

For many of us, it is undoubtedly a celebration of music, which is why I encourage you to check the availability of tickets for the festival.

Photo: TOP Of The TOP Sopot Festival programme


Have a great show and good tunes

I hope that today's suggestions will appeal to you, and the proposed activities will give rise to beautiful memories. So I wish you successful screenings under the open sky and clear sounds under the cloud.



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