Wide, empty, sandy beaches - holidays in paradise Sobieszewo

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Wide, empty, sandy beaches - holidays in paradise Sobieszewo

Although maybe 18 degrees outside is not yet a signal for everyone to pump up circles and inflatable flamingos or search for swimwear packed a year earlier, it is already a good time to think about the upcoming summer vacation. And for lovers of spring aura and temperatures, to plan a weekend today ... on the beach. Which one to choose? Find out from the article.

Photo: View of the beach in Sobieszewo from a bird's eye view

The perfect beach - what is it?

How many people we would ask, we would probably get so many different opinions. At the forefront, however, we can expect a few potentially most desirable:

  • sandy,
  • wide,
  • empty,
  • guarded,
  • with a gentle descent to the sea,
  • available.

Although I like basically all Tri-City beaches, in my opinion, Stogi in Gdańsk fit this description best, and above all the beach in Gdańsk Sobieszewo, which I choose most often. And I will write more about the beach in Sobieszewo today. Check the condition of beach accessories in advance, prepare your sunscreen and read ;)

Beaches in Sobieszewo - why is it worth it?

According to the historical record, already at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the amazing natural and recreational values of the Sobieszewska Island were appreciated. At that time, a swimming pool was prepared, and over time, a Curative House was built for those who want to experience the charms of this place.

Today, we are still dealing with an area where many vacationers seek contact with nature and rest from the daily rush. Not without reason. The Sobieszewo beaches, which are about 11 km long, are among the most beautiful and widest in Gdańsk. Thanks to the protection of dunes and pine forests, they are a place of respite and escape from the hustle and bustle, which sometimes accompanies sea and sunbathing on our Baltic coast.

Photo: Beach in Gdańsk Sobieszewo

What does not change is also the proximity of nature, which maintains its original character, despite the fact that there are relatively few tourists, considering the size of the area. So far, I have not encountered a situation where it was necessary to "reserve and fence off with screens" a place to sunbathe in peace. However, I had to deal with a multitude of birds, beautiful flora, and even the lucky ones saw seals in this area!

There are 3 guarded bathing areas on Sobieszewska Island during the season:

  • in Sobieszewo, entrance no. 16 from Falowa Street (the last section is closed to traffic),
  • in Orle, entrance no. 11 from Lazurowa Street (access by car up to 50 m from the beach),
  • in Komary/Świbno, entrance no. 7 from Trałowa Street (the entire section is closed to traffic).

The first two are distinguished by the Blue Flag, about which you will learn more later in the article. On the other hand, the water quality in all three bathing areas in the 2022 season was described as excellent. The Sobieszewo bathing beach has been receiving such a note continuously since 2014.

What about dogs?

I have good news for all dog lovers - the entire stretch of the beach, with the exception of guarded bathing areas, is allowed with dogs. Of course, remember about etiquette and the rules of good coexistence with other users (including local fauna!) and about your Burk - providing him with shade, water and dog attractions. Forcing yourself to sit next to a blanket on a sunny day is not the best idea. However, common baths, shaded space and a walk in the nearby pine forest should make many Szarik happy.

Photo: A stay with a dog on the beach in Sobieszewo

White Flag, Red Flag and Blue Flag

Regular visitors to guarded bathing areas, both inland and sea, are probably familiar with the first two. We all hope that a white flag will fly on the beach, signaling the possibility of safe swimming. Things get a little more complicated when a red flag appears on the Rescue Observation Tower. This means that the conditions do not allow for safe swimming, so the lifeguard will absolutely forbid sunbathers from entering the water.

There are several reasons for such situations. They are associated with too low water temperature or atmospheric factors (strong wind, poor visibility, storm), sea dynamics (large, foaming waves or strong sea currents), but also with one of the greatest fears of tourists vacationing at the Baltic Sea, i.e. the presence of blue-green algae - bacteria whose toxins are dangerous to humans and animals.

Fortunately, better water exchange due to the location closer to the open sea than in the case of the Gulf of Gdańsk (beaches in Gdynia and Sopot), makes Gdańsk Stogi, and especially the beach in Sobieszewo, much less frequently closed for these reasons. They often remain the only ones on the Tri-City map with a white flag.

Blue eco-label

Okay, so what is the Blue Flag? The Blue Flag has nothing to do with the current bathing conditions on the beach. It is one of the most recognizable eco-labels in the world, i.e. decorations awarded, among others, to beaches, caring for sustainable water tourism, by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the 2022 season, this distinction was awarded to facilities in 46 countries, including:

  • Koliba in Sopot,
  • Gdańsk Stogi,
  • two beaches located on the Sobieszewo Island - the Gdańsk Sobieszewo Bath and the Gdańsk Orle Bath.

The Blue Flag program was created to bring the society closer to its surroundings and to inspire closer interaction with the environment. Therefore, the essence of the activities is to educate and constantly inform tourists about the biodiversity of the area, its flora and fauna, ecosystems and the value of staying in a given environment. I wrote about how unique it is. in the article Birds, seals and nature reserves, or the treasures of the Sobieszewo Island.

What is important, the award is not given accidentally, and it is necessary to fight for its maintenance by meeting and maintaining a number of criteria also related to safety and accessibility.

Photo: Blue Flag on the beach

A few words at the end

I hope that you will be able to check the magic of Sobieszewska Island not only during the holidays, but also during the spring weekend. After all, there is no obligation to wait for the heat - even with a slightly lower temperature, a walk on a sandy beach, building castles, reading a book or playing with a dog is what can give us a moment of relief and happiness.

Photo: Beach in Gdańsk Sobieszewo


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