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Sobieszewo Island

Sobieszewo Island

Sobieszewo Island is the third largest island, after Wolin and Uznam, on the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea. Interestingly, it was the only one created as a result of human activity.

But the interesting facts about "Sobieszewo" do not end there. We encourage you to read and visit this amazing place.

Peace and quiet, forest and sea

From spring to early autumn, the island is bathed in greenery. Lovers of peace and quiet will find themselves perfectly on forest paths, contemplating the sound of trees and the sea. Close contact with nature was guaranteed with the announcement of this area as a Protected Landscape Area, and when it was granted the status of an ecological island.

The large natural diversity results primarily from the delta location. We can meet a whole range of different habitats with very specific fauna and flora, e.g. mixed forests and pine forests, willow thickets, seaside beaches, dunes, ponds and lakes, meadows and farmland. In short - it's hard to find a more interesting piece of land hidden in the arms of the Vistula and the sea.

For this reason, lovers of blissful relaxation come here every year, but also nature lovers, and above all ornithologists. They include both enthusiasts and scientists, making observations and measurements for their own pleasure and for educational purposes. And the area and population for research are great, because on the island area of 35 km2 there are as many as two unique nature reserves: the Bird Paradise Reserve and the Seagull Shoal Reserve.

15 minutes to the center of Gdańsk

Fell in love in Gdańsk! If you miss the city bustle, the city is at your fingertips! You will comfortably reach the city center to get to know its monuments and attractions.

Close to the nature

Wyspa Sobieszewska is an excellent location due to the proximity of the beach, forests and the richness of nature.

Worth exploring:

  • Bird Paradise Reserve
  • Seagull Shoal Reserve
  • Karaś Lake
  • "Amber Coast"

Hiking tracks

Enthusiasts of hiking and not only will definitely love the Sobieszewo Island!

Explore hiking trails:

  • International bicycle route R10 (EuroVelo 10)
  • Hiking trail of the Sobieszewo Island
  • Wincenty Pol bicycle trail
  • Nordic Walking and cross-country ski trails


By bike and kayak - Sobieszewo Island actively

When we have left the mainland behind, we can see all the beauty and possibilities offered by Sobieszewo Island. To get to know the amazing nature with its wealth of species and forms, we encourage you to be physically active, especially if you've mainly sunbathed before. The best way to get closer to the island climate will be a bike trip or exploring the area from the perspective of a kayak.

Cross-country ski

The proximity of large tracts of forest and the beach, where you can also go for a ride, makes Wyspa Sobieszewska an ideal place for activities in the winter. The multitude of routes and changing circumstances of nature should bring a smile to your face.

Close to your needs

Distances measured from Rondo Rybaków:

  • 1 km Marina miejska Przystań Nadwiślańska
  • 9 km Mikoszewo
  • 13 km Jantar
  • 7 km Trasa krajowa S7
  • 15 km the center of Gdansk
  • 19 km Stegna
  • 15 km
    • Bus station
    • Main Railway Station in Gdańsk
    • SKM train (Gdańsk – Sopot – Gdynia)
  • ​24 km Sztutowo

  • 27 km Kąty Rybackie

  • 30 km Lech Wałęsa Airport (Gdansk Rebiechowo)

  • 43 km Krynica Morska

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