September with a tourist voucher in the Tri-City

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September with a tourist voucher in the Tri-City

It is hard to believe that the holidays are over! The children had just left their school desks for the summer break, and a few days ago they heard the first bell announcing the arrival of the new year. However, in order to refer a bit to the summer atmosphere and to enter the autumn duties more gently, it is worth considering organizing a short, even weekend, rest. Especially that you can still use the tourist voucher, and the autumn Tri-City still tempts with a sea of attractions for tourists of all ages.

Tourist voucher

For those of you who do not know, I would like to remind you that this is a one-time form of support for families introduced at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Vouchers in the amount of PLN 500 were granted for each child up to 18 years of age. Although there is still information on the government website that the vouchers will be valid until 09/30/2022, we know from media reports that this period will be extended until 03/31/2023.

To find out how to use the voucher, please refer to the guide. Especially that, according to statistics, as many as 700,000 entitled people did not use them! It is worth changing this situation and taking advantage of it as soon as possible, taking into account, inter alia, a promotion prepared by the Grano Hotels chain, in which the chain adds an additional 100 PLN voucher for each voucher to the SPA or restaurant.

Photo: Autumn fun in the Tri-City park

Autumn with children in the Tri-City

When you book a hotel and come to Gdańsk, the question arises: "What are we going to do?" And although in previous entries you can find a lot of inspiration, among others For walks to the Zoo, September sunbathing, visiting Hewelianum or Jumpcity, in today's article I will offer you three alternative solutions, so we will find something nice for everyone. And in various areas, because there will be something for science, physical activity and culture enthusiasts. So let's go - the Tri-City attractions are ahead of us ;)

Photo: Relaxing with the family on the beach in Gdańsk

Experiment - science can be fascinating

The Experiment Science Center is located in Gdynia Redłowo, on the main Tri-City communication route. You can easily get to it both by car and by SKM train (Fast City Rail).

It is a perfect place to discover your fascination with science. And I say this both from the perspective of the children with whom I have visited this place many times, but also from the point of view of an adult audience who will surely spend an inspiring time.

The experiment is one of the first facilities of this type in Poland, full of interactive exhibitions and spaces for the emergence of passion. Children will find a space for creative experimentation, learning about the world and, above all, asking questions. It is a place created by science and nature lovers for young explorers, eager for adventures and full of fascination with what surrounds them.

There are permanent and temporary exhibitions in the Center. My observations show that children especially like the water cannon, earthquake simulator, following animal footprints and ... running into the wall to check the impact strength;) Adults, on the other hand, appreciate the chamber where you can assess the strength of your own ... shout, because after a few attempts setting a record, it's kind of quieter on the way home;)

Photo: "Experiment", learning and fun for children


Water with which children come into contact every day has many interesting properties that are worth learning about. These are not only puddles where the little ones eagerly jump into, but also waves, tides, sea currents and river currents. At the exhibition, you will learn how to use this power and turn it ... into electricity. There will be a real treat for little builders, as they will have the opportunity to test their engineering skills and build a dam with blocks to stand up to the water element. One of the newer attractions is the port operation simulator. Thanks to it, you will try your strength to bring ships into the port in a short time and safely moor them, which is not easy. Who knows - maybe this task will be the beginning of a career in the captaincy?

Climate family experiments

For the weekend, September 17-18, 2022, the Experiment Science Center has planned family workshops on climate change, good ecological habits and what we can do to live in harmony with nature. The youngest can take part in the 3+ program, and those slightly older in the 8+ event.

During the meeting, the kids will plant their own seedling, which they will take home, experiment with dry ice and find out why we are surrounded by more and more rubbish and what to do with it.

Older children will try their hand at building a battery from potatoes, prepare natural dyes from spices, and using microscopes to see what is happening in a drop of water.

Attention! The number of workshop places is limited, so I recommend buying tickets as soon as possible.

Photo: Learning and fun for children at the Experiment Science Center

Kolibki Adventure Park, the power of endorphins in motion

On the border of Gdynia and Sopot, in an area well connected by both car and train (SKM Gdynia Orłowo), you will find the largest adventure park in Poland - Adventure Park Kolibki.

It is a place created by professionals - enthusiasts of adrenaline, active recreation and outdoor sports. It is for those who appreciate challenges and adventures, and appreciate the beautiful circumstances of nature. The offer is so wide that everyone should find something for themselves. You can arrange paintball games, off road games, mini quads, spend time by the fire, climb the climbing wall.

However, it seems to me that the attraction that gives off energy and is most often chosen by children is the ropes course.



Mini Rope Park and Ninja Rope Park

The first rope park is intended for the youngest lovers of climbing and adventure. The passage consists in overcoming obstacles of a difficulty scale adequate for the little ones. However, it is important that the guardian must be present when using the attractions and look after the child. It is often the first step to your further adventure with heights.

There are restrictions in the Ninja Rope Park (medium): the minimum age is 7 years, and the minimum height to use the attractions is 120 cm. The entrance to the track is preceded by training conducted by instructors. The trail consists of wooden platforms mounted at a height of 3 to 5 meters, connected by rope, nets and ladders. Participants can expect Tibetan bridges, zip lines, horizontal ladders or hanging beams.

Regardless of which version you choose (depending on age and height), children will certainly have the opportunity to test themselves in a new situation and master their emotions, which are easy to find when the hard ground is already a few meters below us. From my experience in contact with children, I know that few attractions are heard as long as a visit to the rope park. Also, there is little that makes you feel so proud of trying and facing yourself.


The Miniatura Theater, a meeting with art for the youngest

When our gray cells have moved and our bodies have made an effort to climb, there is nothing else to do but please our soul and take a sip of culture.

For families with children, I recommend visiting the Miniatura Theater in Gdańsk. It is located on the main Tri-City artery, between the Gdańsk Wrzeszcz SKM station and Gdańsk Politechnika. You can also easily reach it by tram.

For September, the group prepared mainly the Academy of Mr. Kleks in the repertoire - a performance dedicated to children from 6 years of age. The story is about a somewhat crazy and wise teacher whose aim is to stimulate the students' imaginations. Also those, like Adaś Niezgódka, who think they have no potential. If you want your kids to be inspired by history, and perhaps dare to discover hidden talents, be sure to buy a ticket. Especially that both adult actors and the youngest, who have learned the secrets of the performing arts, are present at the stage.

A few words at the end

Although the holidays are behind us, September is still a perfect month for a short break. A sun that does not bake, cooler temperatures and a light breeze announcing the upcoming fall are conducive to outdoor activities, but also an impulse to leave the house in search of new inspiration. Which I sincerely wish you.




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