Sobieszewo Island in the fall

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Sobieszewo Island in the fall

September chases away summer with cooler mornings and evenings. Slowly, despite the sunny hours during the day, we realize that the heat is no longer threatening us and we get used to thinking about warmer clothes and fuller shoes. But, as probably regular readers of the blog already know, autumn at the seaside can be a beautiful opportunity to breathe fresh, iodine-filled air and a chance to rest in peace and quiet. Speaking of them - I invite you, again with the rest, to the Sobieszewo Island - a mecca for people who need solace in the rhythm of nature... and more.

Photo: Sunset on the beach in Sobieszewo

Sobieszewo Island - a word of introduction

The Sobieszewo Island is the third largest island of the Polish Baltic coast after Wolin and Uznam. It was created as a result of human activity. Although it lies within the borders of Gdańsk, it is just over 15 km away from its center. This distance allows tourists to rest there to feel as if they are on vacation in a small, climatic, seaside town. This distance also enables something else - being hugged to a large city, bustling with life and cultural events, it allows you to easily take advantage of its benefits in handfuls.

I hope that today's entry and the previous one (About birds, seals and nature reserves and the island by bike and kayak) will give you an impulse to visit this unique place.

Photo: Autumn leaf on the beach in Sobieszewo

Gifts of Autumn

Sobieszewska Island has the status of an ecological island and is an Area of Protected Landscape. Nature lovers will certainly not be bored, because despite the relatively small area it covers, it is characterized by a large natural diversity, mainly due to the delta location near the mouth of the Vistula.

Walking in this area, we will certainly notice various habitats with characteristic fauna and flora, including seaside beaches, dunes, ponds, a lake, meadows, farmland, as well as mixed forests and pine forests.

Mushroom picking

And it is in the latter one that is teeming with… mushrooms. Yes, experienced mushroom pickers with pleasure go to the Sobieszewo Island, which usually abounds in various species. There are rare specimens, such as porcini mushrooms, but there are also common black heads, butterflies and chanterelles. I cordially encourage you to think about and plan just such an attraction.

If you spend the night in apartments with their own kitchen, it will be hard to find something better than freshly picked mushrooms and scrambled eggs in the morning. And if you live in a hotel and do not have your own space to prepare a dish, it does not matter - you can pick mushrooms on the last day of your stay in the morning, and bring the collected treasures home as a rather unusual souvenir from a holiday by the sea;) Beautiful moments in the bosom of nature, oxygenation of the brain , and time for children to go crazy and play, they will encourage better concentration or rest on the way back.

For those of you who have such a plan in mind, I will tell you that mushrooms often appear on the Island a bit later than in other regions of the country, so the second half of September and October should be an ideal time for a successful harvest. And don't forget, we only collect the specimens that we are certain are edible!

Photo: Autumn mushroom picking

Amber, amber found him on the beach

Wide, sandy beaches and… empty. Sounds like a promise of a good rest. This is what it is. Autumn favors walks, because air temperatures are no longer dangerous and tiring for us, and yet the sun still breaks through the clouds, warming our faces.

But autumn is also a time of storms. The rough Baltic Sea enriches the air, among others in iodine, which has a great effect on our respiratory system. It also has a significant role in the work of the thyroid gland and strengthens the body's immunity. All this makes an autumn stroll on the beach the best investment in a winter full of health and optimism.

Especially when, during such a march, we find a golden treasure stranded ashore. Amber, because we are talking about it, eagerly "shows up" just after storms, in areas of the open sea. So if we assume that the beaches in the fall are relatively empty, and we have eagle-eyed eyesight and are eager to search, we can return from vacation with our own souvenirs. Of course, we can keep them for ourselves, give them away or use them to prepare an amber tincture, which is supposed to mobilize the immune system to work hard.

Photo: Amber, Sobieszewo beach

Bird flights to warm countries

In the previous article, I described in detail two unique nature reserves located on the Sobieszewo Island: the Bird's Paradise Reserve and the Mewia Łacha Reserve. For many bird lovers, both enthusiasts and professional ornithologists, autumn is a very good time to observe, and the western part of the Mewia Łacha reserve (and the mouth of the Vistula itself) together with the beach and the entire Bird Paradise, create beautiful opportunities to admire birds. In September and October you can expect migratory water birds who prefer to rest on the Vistula than in the open sea. I encourage you to take your binoculars and look at it;)

Gdańsk - the city of Shakespeare?

And if you get enough oxygen during walks, picking mushrooms and ambers, and you will not be strangers to any flocking bird flock, I urge you to take a trip to Gdańsk, located several minutes by car, and devote yourself to the whirlwind of culture. Due to the fact that at the beginning of September, a new artistic season has begun, and life is going on again on the stages, I encourage you to visit a unique place in the country.

Photo: Stage of the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theater

Gdańsk Shakespeare Theater

The GTS is located in Śródmieście, on the site of the Fencing School building in the 17th century, i.e. the first public theater of the then Republic of Poland. At first glance, the shape of the theater is inspiring and interesting, provoking tourists to question what the black building they see is.

It is no different inside, where you can expect unusual architectural solutions. The project assumes different stage and audience settings - both a classic Italian stage and an extended Elizabethan stage with an open roof. Even if you don't have the time or feel like a show, I recommend you take the sightseeing option.

In line with the tradition of this place, GTS is an impresario theater, which means that it does not have its own acting team, but invites theater groups from Poland and the world, while being the host of the Shakespeare Festival.

The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theater plays an important educational role, which includes, among others: Shakespearean lessons, theater and art workshops as well as projects aimed at the elderly and people with disabilities.

In autumn, in the GTS you can witness many events, e.g. the Japanese show Ladacznica with rules, the spectacle Interrupted Dream staged in Cantonese, an inspiring play about love seen through the eyes of people with disabilities You approach my loneliness performed by Teatr RAZEM. In addition to performances and workshops, there will also be a place for music: in the near future there will be a concert of the King and O.S.T.R.

Photo: Gdańsk Shakespeare Theater from a bird's eye view

At the end

I hope you will have time and the opportunity to try to relax before the coming winter. Oxygenation, charged with iodine and wonderful colors of the changing nature, and maybe also artistic emotions, you will easily fight autumn laziness and face infections. Remember about Sobieszewska Island, beautiful in summer, but also wonderful in golden-red colors of October leaves.




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