Tricity with children - is it worth it? It's worth it!

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Tricity with children - is it worth it? It's worth it!

When browsing internet forums and social networking sites, I often notice questions from parents, grandparents and guardians of children regarding the choice of a place to rest - both shorter, weekend, as well as planned summer and winter holidays. Usually there is a question that other users help to solve: "Where to go on holiday with the child?".
Of course - no wonder! There are at least plenty of interesting proposals in Poland and in the world, and the number of vacation days for most of us - let's be honest - is relatively small. That is why we want the choice to be as interesting as possible, meeting the needs of our family and guaranteeing that we will really have something to do in case of bad weather, bad mood or ordinary child fatigue.
I - with full conviction - will always encourage you to come to Gdańsk and the Tri-City in general! But why? Because on the Tri-City trail you will not find time for boredom

Proximity to nature

The proximity of nature in an agglomeration of several hundred thousand people is something extraordinary. To be honest, for me, access to the sea, a huge forest, numerous parks, rivers, and a very interesting landform are what made the Tri-City my place of choice.

I also know that spending time outdoors is often more interesting for children than even the best prepared indoor attractions. Therefore, when coming to Gdańsk, it is worth checking out at least a few of them. Visits to the zoo and walks on the beach are usually the most popular.

Photo: A walk on the beach in Gdańsk

Walking on sand

If you decide to spend time in the Tri-City, you will have many opportunities to go to the beach. Is it a popular destination? Watching all the children of my friends and family - definitely YES! Most stays start with the question: "When will we go to the seaside?".

In my opinion, the right answer is: as soon as possible! Because there are plenty of things to do by the water, no matter what time of year it is, especially if you're a kid. The wide, sandy beaches of Gdańsk Stogi, Brzeźno, Jelitkowo and Wyspa Sobieszewska, as well as those in Sopot and Gdynia, hide many secrets.

Water enthusiasts will spend many happy moments on mattresses, with sleeves and splashing with the navel up. Experienced swimmers will jump between the waves, play water polo and organize races. Little architects will have plenty of building material to create imposing castles with a moat and create sand ships that can be imitated on the basis of slender sailing ships, huge container ships and small, agile motorboats spotted on the horizon. Experience shows that you don't have to wait until summer to spread out with a blanket on the beach and indulge your passion for creating!

However, if the weather does not allow for swimming, collectors of natural treasures will have a great opportunity to enlarge their collections with shells of various sizes, beautiful pebbles and ambers.

I also encourage you to take comfortable shoes - the seaside route from Gdańsk Brzeźno to Gdynia is about 10 km long and I think that, depending on the walkers' abilities - it is worth the walk. the sound of the waves and taking advantage of the benefits of iodine.

Photo: Family on the beach in Gdańsk

Eye to eye with a tiger

The Gdańsk Zoological Garden is a special place, because on the area of over 125 hectares (the largest in Poland) we can meet representatives of species from all continents, including those whose life in nature has been endangered. For this reason, the park is visited by over half a million people a year! Currently, over 150 species of animals live in the zoo, including loved by the youngest: alpacas, red pandas, elephants, penguins, giraffes and meerkats.

In the fall of 2022, cheetah cubs were also born! Recently, kittens have been regularly released into the paddock to use up the cat's energy reserves. Visitors can see them usually between 10:00 and 12:00, which I strongly encourage you to do.

Remember to reserve a little more time for the walk, because the area is really impressive, and it's a pity to miss any enclosures.

Photo: Amur tiger in the Gdańsk Zoo

Active Tri-City with children

Although there are a lot of active attractions, I chose two beaches relatively close to the Tri-City for several reasons. It happens that walking on the sand is not enough, children still have unused energy that needs to be discharged. Or on the contrary - the weather does not allow swimming in the sea, and the youngest have packed their clothes and sleeves, and you do not want them to feel disappointed. What to do then? Check below.

Rope Park Port Brzeźno

Located in close proximity to the pier in Brzeźno, so it's perfect to extend your stay in the open air and stop sunbathing or change the scenery. In the Port Brzeźno park there are over 60 rope obstacles of varying difficulty, divided into four routes: from junior, through low and medium, and ending with high.

Their great diversity allows for unforgettable fun for the youngest (from the age of three) and much older, regardless of what physical shape they are currently in. What is important - the increase in adrenaline goes hand in hand with ensuring the highest safety standards, which from the perspective of parents and guardians is usually the most important aspect of the adventure. One could say - the wolf is full and the sheep is whole.

Photo: Rope park in Gdańsk

Aquapark Sopot

And if the weather fails and bathing hopes do not fade, the best solution is to change into clothes and jump into... the water in the pool! Aquapark Sopot is a large swimming pool area, divided into zones for children, paddling pools for children, slides - both for children, family and those for older users. Of course, there are also relaxation zones - water umbrellas, water caves, massage couches, water jets and jacuzzis.

For many years, I have unflagging sympathy for two attractions in Sopot - the River Rapids and the outdoor swimming pool, where after sunset, in warm water, I can watch the stars. And although the first of them was created for people over 160 cm, I encourage parents, carers and older children to test it, because even the specter of bruises does not bother, if surrendering to the current and the impression of bathing in a natural mountain stream, some 300 meters from the seashore.

Photo: Aquapark in Sopot

Develop your passion in the Tri-City

And what if your children ask a lot of questions, want to know more, and their ideas are endless? Or, for a change, you would like them to focus for a moment and occupy their minds with something exciting, while your presence will only be support? I will continuously and always recommend visiting two unique properties that tourists and locals love.

Experiment in Gdynia

The Experiment Science Center is located in Gdynia. It is a perfect place to discover your fascination with science. And I say this both from the perspective of children, with whom I have visited this place many times, but also from the position of an adult recipient who will surely spend an inspiring time.

Experiment is one of the first facilities of this type in Poland, full of interactive exhibitions and space for passion to be born. Children will find a space for creative experimentation, exploring the world and, above all, asking questions. It is a place created by lovers of science and nature for little explorers, adventurous and full of fascination with what surrounds them.

The Center houses permanent and temporary exhibitions. From my observations, children especially like the water cannon, earthquake simulator, following animal tracks and ... running into the wall to check the impact force ;) Adults, on the other hand, appreciate the chamber in which you can assess the strength of your own... scream, because after several attempts setting a record, it's kind of quieter on the way home ;)

Photo: Science experiments

The pleasure of discovering

Hevelianum is located in the very center of Gdańsk, near the railway and bus stations. It is a modern, well-thought-out space where science meets history and culture, and visitors can develop their interests, make discoveries, broaden their knowledge and… have fun. They can also learn more about the legendary ruler Hagel and take a walk around the historic buildings of Góra Gradowa, at the foot of which the center is located.

A visit to Hevelianum, with its innovative educational offer, is therefore a great idea for the youngest and those slightly older to actively spend even a few hours in the inspiring world of empirically explored science.

The attractions, which find numerous recipients both among children and adults, are located in the buildings of the former fort, which makes their reception even more attractive. There are a lot of possibilities - from exploring the world on your own, through educational games, to experiments conducted by educators, ending with.

Photo: Hevelianum in Gdańsk

Will you come?

Finally, I would like to cordially invite you to visit Gdańsk and the Tri-City. Although I have brought you closer to only a few attractions, I assure you that you will find plenty of them. I have already written about some of them in previous articles, e.g.: Kolibki Adventure Park, Theaters for the Youngest, Wyspa Sobieszewska actively, Jumpcity and hotel attractions, winter sports, museums.


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Hotel Number One by Grano

Hotel Number One by Grano

In addition, I would like to invite you to take advantage of the attractions for children at Hotel Number One! In the offer you will find:

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